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ENEMY LOVERS - First Encounter/İlk karşılaşma İng.

Serap was having breakfast with her mother.
before going to the newspaper building....

"Look mom! That scoundrel Mehmet 
have written such awful things about me again!" 

"My dear, why don't you share your picture 
in the newspaper and in your twitter? Let everybody, every reader see how beautiful you are."

"NEVER! I cannot brag about my
beauty or long legs like other women." 

"Then don't get angry to him! 
What did he write this time?"

"Why this famous hag - sorry - feminist columnist Serap Arda doesn't have a photograph in her column? Is it because she's very ugly? I bet she isn't remove her eyeborrow hair and isnn't  shaving her legs. I can hear her saying 'I cannot hurt myself for men.' Hahahaha...."

" Idiot bastard !"

" I bet she is 200 kg or skinny and have breasts like 2 aspirins hahaha so that's why she's old maid and hates men!"

"Serap you are as stubborn as a mule,
put your picture to this damned newspaper."

"Never! I became a famous columnist with my character and my brain not with my beauty. I have to go or I'll be late, see you."

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But her car's tire burst on her way.

" Damn! I have to change the tire."

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" Allow me. I think there's a shortage of gentlemen in this big city."

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The tall and handsome men, began working before waiting
for Serap's answer.

"Thank you so much. You're very kind." 

"You're welcome, I should have thank you."


The young man gave his business card to Serap...

"If your tire didn't burst, we wouldn't have met. Well,
don't think I'm a jerk who stalk every beautiful girl but
if you need a coffee break...."

"You don't look like a jerk at all."

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Both of them went their ways...

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Serap came to the newspaper and begin talking to her friend Asu, who's very romantic and a fan of pink novels.

"My heart was beating like drum. I'm impressed too much.
Oh! My God! Asu, it must be love at first sight. He gave his business card.."

"Oooohhh! Dark haired, blue eyed, just like count Marcel...
sooo romantic..."

"What? Which Count? Didn't I forbid you to read pink novels? Counts! Ducshess! prince in shining armour!
You'll read books about feminism only. Let me find the card of that handsome count....where did I put it?...."

"MEHMET FOCALI! Columnist,
war correspondent! My God!"

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Mehmet Focali!!! My sworn enemy!
The man I hate most!


Meanwhile Mehmet was talking to his bro....

" You seem up in the clouds Mehmet. Did you hit the lottery?"

" All you think is money! I fell in love bro.
I'm in love..."

"What! Who's she? A super model? 
Do we know?"

" Slowly bro, ask one by one. I don't know her name yet,
she's stunning, very beautiful, when I saw her I told to myself:
' Mehmet, this is the girl I've been searching for years. The woman of my dreams...."


After first shock....Serap began thinking..

" I'll arrange an unforgettable surprise for him."

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"What will you do Serap?"

" I'll call him and want to meet him at the patisserie."

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They met at the patisserie and Mehmet asked Serap her job.

"I'm a receptionist in the Gercekler newspaper."

"Oh! Then you must know that famous feminist columnist 
Serap Arda?"

"Sure I know. I welcome her every morning 
at the reception desk. And bring her coffee."

" Tell me, what does she look like? Similar 
to the describition in my articles?"

" What did you write about her? I don't have much time to
read the columns."

"Let me describe: Close your eyes and imagine:"

"Reading books about feminism 7/24..."

"She isn't removing her eyeborrow hair, moustached, ugly"

"Since she hates men, nobody fall in love with her, 
an old maid living with 100 cats, her house smells bad"

"Hmmm....I can imagine, anything else?"

Since she says" I'm against waxing, I cannot hurt myself for the sake of men!" she walks with hairy legs:)

"Ahahahahaha, did I guess right?"

Serap didn't say anything; rised and
poured the cold cola glass down to Mehmet's head.


"What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

"No! I'm not crazy. I showed you what I think the articles you wrote about me. I'm that hairy legged, moustached woman."


"OK! You're not ugly. But yet a witch!
Look! My clothes is in a mess!"

"Moustached! Old maid! Hairy legs! You deserved!
Try strawberry cake!"

" I'm not doing anything since you're a woman but
don't try my patience!"

"Oh! Hahaha, I'm shivering because of fear!"

That day, the people witnessed a cake fight and the waitresses stopped the two. As Serap was leaving the patisserie, she shouted "This macho will pay for the cakes and plates!"  

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The night came. Both Serap and Mehmet were very sad
and angry and confused.

"What happened to your clothes daddy?"

"Well, I've met that witch called Serap Arda,
we made a cake fight."

"Oooh! Did you see her broomstick?
All witches have one"

"No, she isn't riding a broomstick, well, today 
you sleep with your granny and grandfather. I
have to go out. "

"But you didn't read fairy tale..."

"This is the first time I'm not reading fairy tales but
I promise I'll read 2 tales tomorrow night. Will you forgive your daddy?"

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 "Deal and be careful dad, the witch can turn you into a frog.
I don't want a frog dad."

Mehmet went to the pub as usual
and drank a glass or two with her buddy Omer.

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"My God! I fell in love with my enemy! I cannot live
without her. What shall I do?"

"Who is she? "


"SERAP ARDA mı? Oh My God!"

"SSSHHT? Do you want everybody hear?
My readers will make fun of me. Damn!
Why was she so beautiful, so stunning?"

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Serap was not different from Mehmet. 

" You turn down all marriage proposals and then
 fell in love with your biggest enemy! Damn!"
Damn! Damn!

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